Find any drivers for Unknown Devices

Every device has a Vendor and Device id associated with it. You find the id, you find the manufacturer. Lets see how you find your vendor and device id..
Step 1 :
Open Device Manager
Step 2 :
You will find the unknown device here with yellow question mark!
Step 3:
Right click on the unknown device and click on properties. You should see the properties window of the device.
Step 4 :
Under the Properties window go to the Details tab and select Device Instance Id under the drop down box.

Step 5 :
When you select Device Instance ID, you should see a line similar to the one below


The vendor id for your unknown device is the one preceding VEN and the device id is the one preceding DEV..For example my sound card's vendor and device id's are...

Vendor Id : 8086
Device Id : 266E

Step 6:
Once you get the vendor and device id , go the following website Once you are in that website, you will see options to search either by Vendor Id or Device Id. Enter your device's details and you should get their driver details.


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