Great news to all new blogger, webmaster who search free backlink to promote their website. It so useless when a website or blog looks so nice, fully content but nobody comes to see it or surf to.

I want to tell you about Qassia, a website give us a one way backlink and totally free!!

The conclusion we got so many backlink from there. Qassia will help your website or blog can be index by google.

Look this paragraph as I take from their F.A.Q :

“If you are a website owner, Qassia will help your websites perform better at search engines. You can get unlimited quality backlinks from Qassia. Additionally, in the medium to long term, Qassia will drive traffic to your site as Qassia will be used for finding content. If you are user seeking information, Qassia will help you find original content and useful information you might be interested in”.

Beside be got backlink, qassia also give you money ? How? Hmm it’s so simple…if you already know about domain parking like sedoparking or park4money so the method is the same, the only different is we can put our article in Qassia and other people read and respond it. The more your article show in qassia the more google adsens will show up in your article.

So why waiting? Come and join with Qassia , it’s free , no payment needed!

“Don’t miss the gold rush! It’ll be a lot harder to earn Qassia dollars once we come out of beta testing and adjust our rates to a sensible level. January 2008 is a unique window in time during which you can easily and quickly amass a fortune.”

Qassia right now still in beta version, so still in development phase. Launcing first time in January 2008. So absolutely fresh and new right? There so much time to get so many referral people to get a $500 from Qassia.


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