EPOS Digital Pen and USB Drive

I’m not certain if there is a market for digital pens as yet, and I’m not certain why. When I was in high school and college, I would have given anything for something that could take my handwritten material and turn it into text.

I guess students these days are taking their laptops into class and typing the notes out. But what about mathematics classes, where diagrams and drawings are the necessity?

I had a chance to try out the Fly Fusion Pentop Computer, and while that had some nifty features, I also enjoyed the EPOS Digital Pen and USB Flash Drive. The Fly Fusion requires a special notepad to work, but the EPOS can use any paper.

All a user has to do is clip a special device onto a top of a piece of paper like a clipboard, and then use the special pen. Then the device attaches to the computer via USB and the user can download his or her drawings or writings.

The writings can be turned into text with the included software, and it is pretty good at recognizing handwriting. Of course, there are always some odd variations. The technology of digital pens isn’t perfected as yet.

However, you can get the jump on the digital pen revolution by purchasing the EPOS Digital Pen and USB Flash Drive.


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