Vizio VX32L 32" LCD HDTV Review

The Vizio 32" LCD HDTV cost around $500 or so, depending on where you buy it. I bought mine from Sam’s Club at around $520. I also purchased the wallmount for it. This is my first HDTV LCD TV that I have ever owned and I love it. It has dual HDMI output connections as well as VGA output connection to hook it to your PC or what not. I have hooked this up to my PC via DVI connection and the quality isn’t as good as I thought it would be, but still very good. If you get the perfect resolution set for this TV it would look flawless, especially with HDMI. The max resolution for the Vizio 32" is 1366 x 768 resolution. The HDMI cables run about $100, thats why I have not hooked this up via HDMI yet.

I currently have Dishnetwork (Non-HD) connected to my TV. If you are far away the TV looks EXCELLENT. When you get closer is when you start to see more of the pixels, but this is obviously caused by not having DishNetwork HD, and HDMI cables hooked up. My personal opinion on this TV is that for the price, you can not beat $500 for a 32" Hi-Definition TV. The TV has the capability to remove the base to allow mounthing on the wall. There are about 10 screws or so to fully mounth this TV to the wall. It was not much of a task at all. Pretty simple.

Here is a bit more information about what Outputs/Inputs the TV provides as well as size information:

RF (F Connector for internal tuner): 1
HDMI with HDCP: 2
Analog Stereo Audio for HDMI Inputs: 1
Component YPbPr plus Stereo Audio: 2
Composite Video: 2
S-Video plus Stereo Audio: 1
Computer RGB plus Stereo Audio: 1
Service Port: 1

Analog Audio out (RCA): 1
5.1 SPDIF Digital Optical Audio: 1
Headphone (Stereo Mini-Jack): 0

Carton: 35" W x 28" H x 14.2" D
Net: 31.4" W x 23.3" H x 10.4" D
Without Stand: 31.4" W x 22.1" H x 3.9" D
Certifications: CSA, CSA-US FCC Class B, IC, BETS-7

I would HIGHLY recommend the Vizio 32" VX32L HDTV to any one wanting to purchase a HD LCD TV.

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