Selecting a Laptop

Small Can Be Beautiful

When purchasing a new computer, you may be better served by a laptop than a traditional desktop computer. Recently, laptops with capabilities similar to desktops can be purchased for a comparable price. Laptops are convenient because of their small size and ability to run from a battery. Except for the power cable to recharge it, a laptop doesn’t have any external wires, so it won’t be contributing to a cable mess.

When looking at laptops, consider how often you will travel with it. If you plan to travel only infrequently, get a model with a larger screen and lower price. If you are a digital nomad, you should be concerned mainly with the laptop size, weight, and battery life. For maximum portability, get a laptop that weighs less than 3.5 pounds, has a 12” or smaller display, and a minumum 4-hour battery life.

Unlike desktops, laptop computers can be difficult and expensive to upgrade. When you purchase a laptop, consider that any internal features such as CD-ROM or hard drive may be difficult to replace. Laptops can be upgraded externally with USB, FireWire, and the PC Card slot. Because each of these methods is external, however your laptop will become less portable if you need to carry around the external devices.

Take One Tablet...

A Tablet PC is a custom laptop that allows you to write on the screen to save notes and work with programs. Tablet PCs are typically smaller than laptops and feature a specialized processor that is extremely battery-efficient. Some Tablet PCs do not have a built-in keyboard, but can connect to an external keyboard. These are ideal for people who use the Tablet PC mode most of the time and need to use the keyboard occasionally.

If you have little need for a portable computer, a "desktop replacement" may be for you. A desktop replacement looks like a laptop, but is much larger and priced competitively with desktops. Whatever kind of laptop fits your lifestyle, gone are the days when laptops were expensive and less capable than traditional desktop computers.

Bagi rekan-rekan yang memerlukan kumpulan hadits, kini telah hadir HaditsWeb 3.0 yang di dalamnya terdapat:

- Al-Qur'an dan Terjemahannya
- Pendahuluan, yakni pembahasan awal mengenai ilmu hadits
- Ringkasan Shahih Bukhari
- Kumpulan Hadits dari Shahih Muslim
- Ringkasan Syarah Arba’in An-Nawawi
- Kitab Hadits Bulughul Maram Min Adillatil Ahkam
- 1100 Hadits Terpilih
- Sejarah Singkat Beberapa Ahli Hadits
- Artikel-Artikel Tentang Hadits
- Dan informasi-informasi menarik lainnya

Software nya bisa di download dari link dibawah ini : (4.7 MB)


Anti Virus Site Address

Aladdin Knowledge Systems
Alwil Software
Anyware Software
AVG AntiVirus
Cat Computer Services
Central Command Software
Command Software, Inc. `
Computer Associates
Eset Software
Frisk Software
GeCAD RAV AntiVirus
H+BEDV Datentechnik
HAURI ViRobot, DataMedic, Live-Call
Hiwire Computer and Security
Ikarus Die Klinik
Kaspersky Labs
Leprechaun Software
Messagelabs (email scanning services_
MicroWorld Software
McAfee Virus Scan atau
NetZ Computing
Norman Virus Control
Panda Software
Per Systems
Proland Software
Softwin BitDefender
Sophos Anti-Virus
Sybari Software
VirusBuster Ltd.
PC Media
Zonelabs http://www.zonealarm.

Mungkin ada yang belum tahu, Dynamips merupakan emulator Cisco router buatan Christophe Fillot. Sampai sekarang Dynamips mampu menjalankan beberapa platform Cisco, diantaranya 2691, 3620, 3640, 3660, 3725, 3745, and 7206. Dan menjalankan IOS images yang biasa digunakan pada hardware Cisco.

menurut Chris :

Emulator ini sangat berguna untuk :

Digunakan untuk training, menggunakan software yang sebenarnya. Sehingga membuat orang menjadi makin familiar dengan perangkat Cisco.
Melakukan tes dan eksperimen dari fitur-fitur yang dimiliki Cisco IOS.
Melakukan cek konfigurasi dengan cepat, sebelum diterapkan pada router sebenarnya.

Tentu saja emulator ini tidak dapat menggantikan router yang sebenarnya, tapi sangat berguna sebagai tool tambahan untuk Administrator Cisco, atau sebagai sarana penunjang belajar ujian CCNA/CCNP/CCIE.

Sangat menguntungkan menggunakan Dynamips, nggak seperti Boson Netsim misalnya, kita bener-bener bisa menjalankan Cisco IOS, dan serasa bener-bener didalam console Cisco.

Untuk mempermudah penggunaan Dynamips, install dan download aja Dynagen.


Dynagen merupakan front end untuk Dynamips, dengan tampilan teks. Dynagen menggunakan file konfigurasi yang sederhana dan sangat mudah dipahami.

Didalamnya juga tersedia manajemen CLI yang cukup lengkap.

Bagaimana menginstal Dynagen-Dynamips?

Berhubung saya saat ini menggunakan Windows, maka saya hanya akan sedikit menjelaskan bagaimana menginstal Dynagen pada Windows.
1. Cukup download paket installer Windows, sudah termasuk Dynamips dan Dynagen yang terkompilasi.
2. Install winpcap
3. Install Dynagen yang udah didonlot di point 1 diatas.
4. Download IOS image

Dynagen dan Dynamips udah siap digunakan. Tinggal klik file network (file konfigurasi Dynamips) berekstensi NET yang biasanya disimpan di folder sample_labs.

IOS Images

Bisa didonlot dari sini.
Masukkan IOS image ke dalam folder C:\Program Files\Dynamips\images, atau terserah Anda, cocokkan dengan konfigurasi file network.

Dynamips (the actual emulator):
Dynamips Blog (where most of the action is):
Dynagen (a front-end to the emulator):
Dynamips / Dynagen Bug tracking:
Hacki’s Dynamips / Dynagen / Dynagui Forum: atau
Internetwork Expert Topologies for Dynagen:

Semua sumber-sumber dan software pendukung bisa didownlod dari sini.

f you want to see the differences between Google’s top level domains, try Google’s Image search from 2 different URLs:

Type in the Search box: “Tian'anmen Square massacre” or “Tian An Men Square massacre”. Ironically, this translates to “Gate of Heavenly Peace”.


It is well known that in China, certain websites like BBC and CNN are blocked. But you can get around it by use of a Proxy Server.

What is a Proxy Server?

A Proxy Server services requests from clients by forwarding requests to other servers.

If you are computer “C”, and you want to access server “S” but it is blocked, point your client’s web browser to Proxy Server “P”.

So C -> P -> S

An example of such a site is (ignore the pop-up windows) but if you search the web for proxy servers, you can have a list of thousands. Some are even more specific on what services you want enabled or disabled, such as removing JavaScript, enabling cookies, or displaying images.

As long as your network connection’s ISP isn’t blocking the Proxy Server, you can get access to those sites. And some get creative by using another standard HTTP port 80. Ports 8080 or 8081 are the most common, so you would enter for the URL.

Circumventor Proxy server

A Circumventor is a Proxy servers used for defeating blocking policies implemented by an organization or country when “censorship” blocks access to certain sites. Of course, having a known list of proxy servers beforehand would be really helpful if you are planning a trip to such countries with censorship.

Anonymizing Proxy server

On the other hand, if I was an employee and wanted to check out my competition without them tracking my IP address, then this is an example of an Anonymizing proxy server.

An Anonymizing Proxy server is the correct term for the purpose of anonymity and is an alternate way using your AOL dialup account. Besides, you want to take advantage of your high speed Internet connection, don’t you?

Reverse Proxy Server?

The reverse holds true with a reverse proxy server. Your corporate firewall may have a proxy server where everyone’s internal computer points to a central proxy server, and that server goes out and services requests.

Pros: it does speed up surfing for users, as it caches web site information and images from previously searched sites. It would also reduce the traffic, as the information is already stored and no need to go the destination site again. As well, the proxy server adds an additional level of security next to your corporate firewall.

Cons: your company can track every site you surf, and how long you stay on that particular site. Not good if you spend all day checking your hockey pool stats, or surfing questionable sites.

Open Proxies

Caution should be taken as Open Proxies are usually abused for sending spam or even hacking into your own machine. You have no idea what is on the server, including keystroke trackers to capture your keyboard input. So the next time you enter your user ID and password on one of these open proxies, think again.

I hope this sheds some light on ways to get around censorship.

Vizio VX32L 32" LCD HDTV Review

The Vizio 32" LCD HDTV cost around $500 or so, depending on where you buy it. I bought mine from Sam’s Club at around $520. I also purchased the wallmount for it. This is my first HDTV LCD TV that I have ever owned and I love it. It has dual HDMI output connections as well as VGA output connection to hook it to your PC or what not. I have hooked this up to my PC via DVI connection and the quality isn’t as good as I thought it would be, but still very good. If you get the perfect resolution set for this TV it would look flawless, especially with HDMI. The max resolution for the Vizio 32" is 1366 x 768 resolution. The HDMI cables run about $100, thats why I have not hooked this up via HDMI yet.

I currently have Dishnetwork (Non-HD) connected to my TV. If you are far away the TV looks EXCELLENT. When you get closer is when you start to see more of the pixels, but this is obviously caused by not having DishNetwork HD, and HDMI cables hooked up. My personal opinion on this TV is that for the price, you can not beat $500 for a 32" Hi-Definition TV. The TV has the capability to remove the base to allow mounthing on the wall. There are about 10 screws or so to fully mounth this TV to the wall. It was not much of a task at all. Pretty simple.

Here is a bit more information about what Outputs/Inputs the TV provides as well as size information:

RF (F Connector for internal tuner): 1
HDMI with HDCP: 2
Analog Stereo Audio for HDMI Inputs: 1
Component YPbPr plus Stereo Audio: 2
Composite Video: 2
S-Video plus Stereo Audio: 1
Computer RGB plus Stereo Audio: 1
Service Port: 1

Analog Audio out (RCA): 1
5.1 SPDIF Digital Optical Audio: 1
Headphone (Stereo Mini-Jack): 0

Carton: 35" W x 28" H x 14.2" D
Net: 31.4" W x 23.3" H x 10.4" D
Without Stand: 31.4" W x 22.1" H x 3.9" D
Certifications: CSA, CSA-US FCC Class B, IC, BETS-7

I would HIGHLY recommend the Vizio 32" VX32L HDTV to any one wanting to purchase a HD LCD TV.

The World Wide Web is a fascinating place. It has obliterated geography in terms of education and business. It facilitates learning by allowing kids to see things and experiences aspects of different places they may never get the chance to see in the non-virtual world. The Internet can bring people together who otherwise would never know each other and create a virtual universe that is totally cohesive, with every kind of information imaginable literally available at your fingertips. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, the Internet has a dark side. It is full of material that is inappropriate for children and all kinds of predators. Leaving your kids alone to fend for themselves on the Web is exactly as dangerous at leaving them in a crowed airport or shopping mall. You don’t know where they’re going or who with. The news is filled with horror stories about kids who have been taken advantage of on the Internet, but you don’t want yours to miss out on all the positive aspects of the technology. The first line of defense in keeping your kids save on the Web is to teach them how to use it safely.

A lot of online dangers can be dodged simply by reminding kids of one of their earliest learned lessons: don’t talk to strangers. The kinds of people who want to harm kids have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves. They may try to lull your child into a false sense of security by pretending to be someone she knows. Make sure your child understands that it isn’t a good idea to give out personal information such as their address, phone number or the name of their school. The less information a potential predator has, the harder it will be for him to actually locate a victim. It might be a good idea to establish a secret password and share it only with friends and family so your kid has a way to identify people who are safe to chat with.

Chat interfaces and instant messaging are great tools for keeping in touch with friends and conduct business, but they are also direct connections between your child and possible pedophiles and other predators. Most instant messengers have settings that will only allow people on a pre-approved list to approach your child. That way you can let the kids chat with family and friends while keeping the bad guys out. You can visit to find more information on online child safety measures.

You can’t watch your kids every minute they are online, and you can’t always count on them to do what you have taught them to do. Parental control software is a great back up. Most browsers will allow you to customize age-appropriate settings for each child in your house. You can choose what kinds of Web sites you want your kids to access and block them out of the ones you don’t. It’s a great way to provide a virtual safety net for your family. If the parental controls supplied by your Internet Service Provider, check into installing additional software that will evaluate each site your child attempts to access. You set criteria by which the software judges each Web page and assigns a rating, much like a movie rating. Your kids will only be able to look at sites with ratings you have deemed appropriate.

Cell Phones for Children- 4 Options

There was a time that many parents balked at the idea of buying their child a cell phone. Fortunately, many now see that cell phones are the best way for your busy kids to contact you and for you to keep tabs on them. How do you choose which cell phone to buy them with all of the great options out there?

It is important that you do your research and think about the needs of your child as well as what you want out of the phone. All of the companies claim to have a superior product, but you should do a little digging in order to see beyond the hype. There are several brands to choose from. Some of the most popular include:

Firefly Phones
Kajeet Phones
LG Migo

Leapfrog’s Tic Talk phone.

Firefly Phones

The Firefly cell phone is a great option. It is very simple to use because it actually doesn’t have a camera, MP3 player, or video. This phone doesn’t weigh very much as a direct result of losing those features. This will be a relief for many kids and parents as we are used to having to carry quite a bit for our busy lives.

The Firefly kid’s cell phone has a neat display screen that will show how much battery power is left as well as the signal strength that is available. For those parents who are worried about their children answering from unknown callers, phone number ID is displayed for incoming calls.

Your kids may not care so much about the actually functionality of the phone, but they’ll all want their Firefly mobile phone to look cool. There are some neat color skins that you can purchase for your kids to instantly change the look of their cell phone.

The Firefly kids cell phone is a wonderful option for you if you want to have a lot of control over the phone calls your children make and receive. There is no need to worry that your child will spend hours and hours talking on their phone. Parents can control who can call in. This function offers a great piece of mind.

Despite those great features, there are many people who will not be happy with the Firefly prepaid phone. It is missing many of the “cool” features your children have come to appreciate and enjoy. There is no way to organize the phone or send text messages.

Kajeet Phones

Another phone you may want to consider is from Kajeet phones. This phone is unique in that it was designed by parents and beta tested by kids.

Many parents who’ve tested this phone have been very impressed with all that it offers. It can be very dangerous to just give your child a regular cell phone. With regular phones they can call anyone and receive calls from anyone. Kajeet phones really helps to eliminate this problem.

With this phone you can set whom your kids can call. This is important if you don’t want them wasting away their minutes on calling friends for hours on end. Another neat feature is the ability to set the hours when your children can make phone calls.

There are some children who will try and sneak in calls here and there at school. With Kajeet phones you can allow them to call home and 911, but block all other calls during the school day.

Another great feature is that you can give your children a phone allowance. They may miss the ability to buy ringtones and other “fun” things. With Kajeet phone’s cell phone allowance they will have the ability to buy these things if you want them to. Once they’ve spent their allotment, they cannot spend any more money until you’re ready for them to.

Kajeet phones are neat because they’ve really listened to their target audience and their parents. Even a quick visit to their website show that they really do pay attention to what kids in this day and age need and want.

LG Migo Phone

The LG Migo phone is another option in the world of cell phones for kids. It is a bright green color that will immediately attract children who want a cool looking phone to impress their friends. This phone is geared towards a slightly younger audience, which is something to keep in mind.

The phone has five speed dial buttons that you can program. This is a great option for younger children who are unable to remember phone numbers.

LG Migo also has a Chaperone service that is ideal for parents. The system acts as a kind of GPS device. You set the boundaries that are ok for your child to be in. If they leave that area your phone will be notified with a text message. This is something to keep in mind for safe use of cell phones for children

Leapfrog’s TicTalk Phone

Another entry into the world of cell phones for children is Leapfrog’s Tic Talk phone. The TicTalk phone is probably one of the most unique looking cell phones out there. It looks a bit like a stopwatch and is very durable. This is a good model for parents who are worried that their children will immediately break the phone. Leapfrog’s TicTalk phone should stand up to even the most active of children.

The TicTalk works by scrolling through numbers in a phonebook. There is no dialing involved for the child. This may or may not be easy to get used to, but can actually be quite convenient once they learn the ropes.

Parents set the actual phone up online. This is a great way to add convenience for those who prefer the simplicity of typing online.

Kids will want to scoop Leapfrog’s TicTalk phone up because it has games on it that are pre-installed by Leapfrog. The phone is overall more full featured than some other cell phones for kids that are available today.

How Should I Choose?

There are many different cell phones for children that are on the market today. It is up to you and your child to decide which features are the most valuable to you. Your first priority should be the safe use of cell phones for children. Then, pick the best option for your family.

Flash Disinfector

Seringkali setelah kena virus flash disk, bahkan partisi hard disk tidak bisa di buka dengan klik dua kali. Bila di klik kanan akan muncul fitur autoplay pada partisi/flash disk tersebut yang diakibatkan oleh virus yang menginfeksi. Bahkan setelah dibersihkan klik dua kali untuk membuka flash disk tetap tidak bisa digunakan. Namun dengan menggunakan software "Flash Disinfector" maka masalah tersebut akan teratasi. File nya cukup kecil hanya 100 Kb.

Silahkan downloadn Flash Disinfector di bawah ini :


ACER Aspire 2920

Acer announced the Aspire 2920 ultraportable notebook PC. Acer Aspire 2920 is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 graphic card, 250GB hard drive. The Aspire 2920 comes with WiFI 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth connectivity and it has a 12.1-inch LCD display with 1280×800 resolution.

Detail Specifications

Notebook PC with Intel Centrino Duo Technology
Processor Type
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
Processor Onboard
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T5450 (1.66 GHz, FSB 800, Cache 2 MB)
Intel 965PM
Standard Memory
512 MB DDR2 SDRAM PC-5300
Max. Memory
2 GB (2 DIMMs)
Video Type
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 384 MB (shared)
Display Size
12.1" WXGA TFT
Display Max. Resolution
1280 x 800
Display Technology
CrystalBrite TFT
Audio Type
Speakers Type
Floppy Drive
Hard Drive Type
160 GB 5400 RPM
Optical Drive Type
Network Speed
10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps
Wireless Network Type
Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG
Wireless Network Protocol
IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g
Wireless Bluetooth
Keyboard Type
Ergonomics 88 keys
Input Device Type
Touch Pad
Slot Provided
ExpressCard/ 54
Card Reader Provided
SD, MMC, Memory Stick / Stick PRO, xD-Picture Card
Interface Provided
3x USB 2.0, VGA, LAN, Audio
O/S Provided
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic
Battery Type
Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Power Supply
External AC Adapter
1.54 kg
Standard Warranty
1-year Limited Warranty by Authorized Distributor
Bundled Peripherals
Carrying Case
Integrated Acer Crystal Eye webcam supporting Acer PrimaLite™ technology

Manufacturer Website

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